Join us at Camp Troll for an exciting snowmobile adventure beneath giant mountains & learn how these spectacular summits inspired Norwegian Folklore. Based at Camp Troll in Lyngen near Tromsø we offer a day of exploration, excitement, and fun. You will be driving in pairs, (one driver and one passenger) on each snowmobile & travel deep into nature whilst exploring the mythical world of Trolls & explore the majestic and spectacular Lyngen Alps.

Run by Camp Troll, where everything is inspired by (as the name suggests) Trolls!


Situated just below Aurora Spirit Distillery, far away from light
pollution and with an incredible view out over the fjord & mountains these mini cabins are the perfect place for couples craving tranquility.All of the cabins are fjord facing with panoramic floor to ceiling windows and within walking distance of Aurora Spirit Distillery.


Situated by the harbour in Lyngseidet overlooking the fjord,
Sørheim Brygge  offers astonishing
ocean views and spacious modern apartments. Within walking distance you will find departure points for most activities, public bus stop, supermarkets, shops and more. The perfect place to
stay for groups or those who do not have a car. 

Overlooking Årøya Island The Distillery Cabin boasts panoramic views of the Lyngen Alps and Fjord. 

This tranquil location is perfect for privately viewing the spectacular Northern Lights as the cabin faces north. Within walking distance of Aurora Spirit  Distillery and creators of Bivrost. We can arrange transfers to Camp Troll.